Photobeam- how to use - set up instructions - Cannon

Step 1: check your camera models

supported models by Cannon

Step 2: check your camera port and cellphone port

camera ports like below:

cellphone ports like below:

then choose the right cable to connect your cellphone with your camera;

Step 3: Setting up your camera before the photo stream

  • Power setting: please turn off the camera's auto power off function to ensure transmission.
    >>>MENU >>> "Auto power off" >>>select "Off"

  • Ftp settings: please turn off the ftp function of the camera to ensure transmission.
    >>>Settings>>>communication settings>>>FTP transmission settings>>>automatic transmission>>> "off"

  • For wifi settings: please turn off the camera’s wifi function to ensure transmission.
    >>>MENU >>> "Settings" >>> "Wireless Communication Settings" >>> Enter "WiFi/NFC" >>> Select "off"

  • Record format, in order to ensure the quality of photos and transmission, it is recommended to adjust the JPEG format to the maximum size
    >>>MENU >>> "Image Quality" >>> "JPEG" → Set to "L"

  • For dual-card cameras, the recording function should be set as standard for dual-card cameras to ensure transmission.
    >>>MENU >>> "Record Function" >>> "Standard"

Step 4: follow instructions in your app

dowload the app from appstore:

then follow the instructions on your phone ,and authorize the app to use your album info.

Step 5: start live photos shooting!

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